Needless to say, Covid has caused angst, aggravation and anguish to all industries. This is especially true with commercial printing. Thankfully, we’re turning the corner and sunnier days are ahead. As your production schedules heat-up, remember that Post Press Specialties is happy to help with any overflow work.

Consistently meeting deadlines is the foundation of a successful commercial printer’s reputation. A recent printing industry study showed that up to 76% of a typical printer’s workload is time-sensitive. The good news is that 96% of commercial printing jobs are completed on-time. The bad news is that the remaining 4% is costing manufacturers billions of dollars each year. Failure to meet deadlines on a regular basis will create a negative image of your business and could cost you your future.

For commercial printers, one of the main culprits of missed deadlines is when finishing equipment inevitably fails. The sad truth is that no matter how diligent you are following all maintenance protocols, post press finishing equipment will eventually fail. That’s why it is so important to have a “Plan B” in place to help you through those rough times. With over 175,000 square feet of manufacturing space and 75 print finishing production machines Post Press Specialties can help you keep your promises without your customers even knowing there was an issue. We’re specialists in foil stamping, foil embossing, die cutting, kiss cutting, scoring, folding and gluing, perfect binding, saddle stitching, 3D spot varnishing and much more.

Think of us as your “break in case of an emergency” bindery department. We’re here for you when you need us most. Post Press Specialties, serving the commercial printing industry for over 25 years.