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  • July 21, 2016
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As soon as John Warnock created the PDF file in 1991, the printing industry began to undergo immense changes. The PDF allowed the reliable transfer and exchange of documents independent of software, hardware, or any third party operating system. This had a huge impact on the way jobs were printed and finished. While Post Press Specialties has invested in the latest finishing technologies (see our Mgi Jet Varnish 3D Ifoil w/ Spot, Raised and Textured UV Capabilities and Young Shin 57” die-cutter) in order to accommodate our customers throughout this digital revolution, we have never lost sight of “core finishing services” that made us one of the Midwest’s largest binderies.


Here are just a few things we have been doing for commercial printers for over 25 years.





We like to tell our customers that they can “stop thinking in right angles”. In other words, we’ve become experts in folding printing jobs in an almost unlimited variety of ways. Not only can we do standard folds such as half, accordion, gate, French and letter folds, Post Press thrives on offering folding solutions for the most complex and difficult jobs.



Collating and Gathering


Need collating help? We will be happy to help. We can gather and collate all jobs, big or small. Nothing is too complex for Post press to handle. After gathering and collating we can offer the perfect binding solution when needed.





We’ve become experts in binding services. Here are a few of the techniques Post Press can help you with.

  • Perfect Binding: Pages are fixed to a cover or spine using glue. This process is commonly used for paperback books, magazines, telephone guides etc.
  • Saddle-stitching: Pages are bound by driving staples through the center of the spine of folded sheets. This wire binding technique is commonly used for magazines, newsletters, small catalogs, but is limited in the number of pages that can be bound.
  • Plastic Spiral Binding: a book or notebook binding in which a continuous spiral wire or plastic strip is passed through holes along one edge.
  • Wire O: A continuous wire is threaded through holes drilled or punched into a stack of sheets. Spiral binding is typically used for notebooks.
  • Loose-leaf binding: A set of holes is drilled in a stack of sheets which are then inserted into standard or customized ring binders or post binders. This binding technique is used for notebooks, presentations, financial reports, manuals or any other type of publication that require frequent updating.
  • Padding: the binding of a stack of sheets are bound using a flexible adhesive so that the sheets can easily be removed. Notepad are a typical example of padding.



Foil stamping


Foils can be a real “game changer” when applied to book or magazines covers. Studies show that foil stamping can add up to 45% engagement with end users. This is especially true for foils that reflect light and add a silvery or golden glow. We will be happy to show you how we can enhance your jobs.


Die cutting


Have you met our new Young Shin 57” Die-cutter yet? If not, give us a call at 816-257-1919 and we’ll be happy to show you around. You’ll be astounded at what this piece of equipment can do. We can almost die cut any shape imaginable. We’ve never met a rhombus, trapezoid or decagon we didn’t like.



Gluing and Tipping


Need to apply an adhesive on a printed piece? Need to affix a product on a direct mail offering? Post Press can help. Our experts can provide you with the perfect solution for your next gluing or tipping project.



Post Press has been serving commercial printers for over twenty years. Call us today at 816-257-1919 and we’ll be happy to help you “finish strong”.