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Thirteen effects and finishes that will enhance your next printed piece

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In a recent study conducted by the Print Industries Market Information and Research Organization, researchers found that adding print effects and finishes can increase a printed piece’s shelf life up to 49%. Arguably, shelf life is a key component in evaluating a campaign’s profitability. Post Press Specialties specializes in creating state-of-the-art finishing techniques that not only will increase engagement but its effectiveness as well.

Here are 13 effects and popular finishes that Post Press Specialties can help you with:


Gloss UV

Gloss UV coating provides a clear coating with a high gloss. Not only does gloss UV coating look great, it can help protect your piece..

UV coatings are a liquid-based, protectant coating that is applied and instantly cured with UV drying lamps. Compared to aqueous coatings, UV coatings provide an extreme-glossy finish and can deliver an abrasion- and rub-resistant performance.


Raised uv

A great way to add a tactile or more dramatic effect is by using a raised UV coating effect. Adding more coating volume brings more added dimension that can accentuate the art or graphic, as well as invite the consumer to engage and touch.


Pearlescent coating

If a luxurious shimmer appearance is what you’re looking for, then a pearlescent coating is the way to go. Pearlescent coatings can be either aqueous or UV-based. For UV-based coatings, a specific quantity of pearl additive is mixed with a gloss UV coating. Depending on the variation and size of the micron particle, the pearlescent coating can have a more dramatic or subtle effect. The AQ-based version of this coating is similar but is mixed with a gloss AQ coating and pearl additive.



Varnishes serve many purposes included being used as a protectant to the sheet and, in the case of a dull varnish, can be used to create great contrast (step-off) against a higher gloss.

Like coatings, varnishes can be applied to very specific areas (spot varnish) or can be applied to a large print area or the entire press sheet (flood varnish).



This coating is known for their coarse and rugged tactile effect. Although it is softer than a sheet of sandpaper, the reputation of this coating is the grittiest when it comes to tactile coating effects. The grip of the coating is useful as a non-slip surface and works well in applications for multi-use packaging.



Sandpaper coatings are more subtle than grit coatings and provide only a slightly rough texture. The coating is similar to some unglazed clay work and gives plastics and paper products a slightly edgy feel.

In both coating applications, you can control the amount of texture that is applied on the sheet by the size of the billion cubic micron (BCM) rollers. The smaller the BCM rating of the coating roller, the lesser the amount of coating it can carry and be applied to the sheet and vice-versa for higher BCM’s.

Both grit and sandpaper can be used on a variety of substrates that allow for a stimulating tactile experience.



Historically used to make a statement, embossing continues to be an assertion of elegance and luxury. Raising and depressing aspects of your packaging gives your customers a tactile experience. Use a contrasting material in your design to differentiate the surface of your material or bring a character to life


Hot foil

This effect is accomplished with a foil stamping machine that uses a metal plate that has been engraved with an image of the desired design required for the particular application. As the plate strikes a roll of foil film, it causes the foil to adhere to the plate. The metal plate then strikes the substrate that is to be imprinted and transfers the foil onto the area of the document requiring the metallic effect. The result is a document that has a highly reflective image with a bright and dense metallic appearance.


Metallic foil

Adding a metallic foil to your design provides variation in texture while starkly highlighting certain brand or graphical elements. Try combining foil with embossing or debossing to add depth to the product. The image on the right is an excellent example of a successful execution of an aggressive and impressive deboss with the use of metallic hot foil stamp. Observing closely, the real craftsmanship came with the ability to hold the adhesion of the hot foil stamp in the very fine areas of the snow flake, especially as a deboss was done as well.


Holographic foils

Using a holographic foil or rainbow foils gives the package or piece the ability to change color combinations when viewed at different angles. This is a great way to add a pop of color to solid packages. Holographic foils provide a fun and sophisticated flair to product packaging.


Clear foils

Having clear foils provide high reflectivity, yet allow the printed image to be seen underneath. This is particularly useful for foods, beverages, consumable products and health and beauty offerings. It can also be used to give customers a preview of a new product.


Micro-etching on foils

Foils used for security purposes may include geometrical shapes, patterns and even brand logos that shift as the viewer changes focus. Take advantage of the mesmerizing effect by using it in a solid block rather than a border or small stamp.

For security measures, a foil with micro-etching can help prevent counterfeiting of items such as high-value coupons (shown above) that could easily be duplicated, causing retailers major losses as manufacturers will not recompense fraudulent coupons.

Perfect for small or large accents, foil is a beautiful finish to catch customers’ eyes.



Die-cutting, a post-press finish, allows packaging and print pieces to have unique cutouts that can vary from simple to extremely complex. From shapes to letters, die cutting draws attention to the dimensional nature of the piece and the character of the substrate itself.


We’ve been helping the commercial printing industry “finish strong” for over 25 years. Give Post Press Specialties a call at 816-257-1919 and we’ll be happy to talk to you about your next project.

Post Press Specialties | Online Nationwide Print Finishing Servcies

Post Press and the Post Office

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We’re putting the “Post” in “Post Office”. We’re proud to announce that we now offer a wide variety of mailing services, from addressing your pieces to delivering your completed campaign to our local post office…and everything in-between.


Post Press Specialties provides state-of-the-art mailing services that make it easy and affordable to create and process business-building direct mail campaigns. When combined with our print enhancement capabilities, our efficient and cost-effective mail processing services will assure the best possible presentation and delivery of your marketing message.




NCOA, CASS Certification:

We’ll make sure that your mailings are NCOA and CASS certified on the same day the mailing is sent, ensuring the highest deliverability, the best postal rate, and savings on lost postage.

Variable Data Addressing:

 At Post Press Specialties we know how effective variable data printing can be. Using our state-of-the-art data aggregation processing systems, we can help you tailor a unique message for each member of your database. This goes far beyond simply printing unique address labels. Depending on how many data points you have, direct mail pieces can be fully customized for each prospect. For example, a university can target high school students and include references to their current high school, their fields of interest and even the clubs and associations they belong to. Images can be

List Processing:

The success of any mailing campaign depends on proper mailing list processing. Before a mailing project makes it to our production floor, our data processing staff prepares the mailing list using the best technology available. Our industry-leading mail processing software allows us to cleanse and prepare a mailing list to get our customers the lowest postage rate possible.


We’ll make sure that your campaign is delivered to the post office and is seamlessly processed. Let Post Press Specialties take all the stress out of distributing your next piece. You’ve got more important things to do.

 Print Enhancements:

At Post Press Specialties, we know that speed and quality are essential for each and every job. We’re experts in offering print enhancements that will add considerable value to your piece. We work around the clock to cut, fold, glue, varnish, and bind for you and your customers.

Call us today at 816-257-1919 and we’ll be happy to help you with your next job.


Post Press Specialties | Finishing Strong | Independence, MO

Increasing ROI by Personalizing Your Direct Mail with Variable Data

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I’ll never forget that early fall day in 1969 when I came home from school and my mother handed me a letter from the United States Selective Service. I immediately opened the impressively decorated 9” x 12” envelope and found a poster of Uncle Sam declaring he wanted me with my name prominently printed right next to his bony finger. Oddly, my mother did not express any sadness or anxiety, in fact, she grabbed the letter and started to laugh. Why did she react in this odd way? It was probably due to the fact that I was SIX!

Direct mail targeting has come a long way since the sixties. Brands have become so good at targeting their messages that we’ve come to expect a certain level of personalization and are disappointed when our expectations aren’t met. In order for brands to create this level of personal connection, they’re relying on complex segmenting approaches such as variable data printing.

What Is Variable Data Printing?

Variable data printing is a form of digital print production that allows for pinpoint customization. Instead of sending say, 10,000 identical direct mail pieces to customers, marketers can use variable data printing to create10,000 customized pieces in the same amount of time. Sending customized direct mail to each recipient raises conversion rates.

At Post Press Specialties we know how effective variable data printing can be. Using our state-of-the-art data aggregation processing systems, we can help you tailor a unique message for each member of your database. This goes far beyond simply printing unique address labels. Depending on how many data points you have, direct mail pieces can be fully customized for each prospect. For example, a university can target high school students and include references to their current high school, their fields of interest and even the clubs and associations they belong to. Images can be seamlessly altered and reflect particular points of interests to the recipient.

The Benefits of Variable Data Printing

Marketers are utilizing variable printing technology more than ever before. It’s easy to understand why when you consider the benefits:

Leveraging Data: why collect customer data if you aren’t going to use it? Variable data printing makes the most of reporting software, redemption rates, and other analytics by using that information to create tailored campaigns with greater impact and engagement.

Endless Customization: variable data printing goes beyond marketing segmentation to create hundreds or thousands of completely unique pieces for a single campaign.

Quick Turnaround: variable data printing doesn’t require each variation to be ordered, printed, and shipped separately. Instead, thousands of unique printed pieces are executed at mass production rates, making personalized marketing not just simple, but fast! Be assured that Post Press Specialties can meet your deadline.

Increased ROI: PODi and DMA data report that while response rates for non-personalized mail pieces average 2%, personalized pieces have a response rates of 6%—an increase of 300%!

Does it work?



  1. The vast majority of shoppers (86%) say that personalized marketing impacts their likelihood of making a purchase.
  2. 94% of marketing professionals across industries said personalization is “important,” “very important,” or “extremely important” for meeting current marketing objectives.
  3. Nearly a third of shoppers (31%) wish their shopping experience was more personalized.
  4. 67% of shoppers who’ve experienced personalized marketing are highly in favor of personalized offers based on past experiences.
  5. 96% of retailers believe that personalization influences what consumers buy.
  6. Only 39% of retailers currently send personalized product recommendations via email.
  7. Most brands claim that personalization is a part of their current marketing strategy, with 85% agreeing that their efforts are based on broad segmentation.
  8. Though personalized messages deliver six times higher transaction rates, only 30% of brands are sending them.
  9. 60% of marketers say they struggle to personalize content in real time, though 77% believe real-time personalization is crucial to marketing efforts.
  10. 73% of consumers prefer to purchase from brands that use personal information to create more relevant shopping experiences.
  11. 45% of online shoppers are more likely to patronize sites that make personalized recommendations.
  12. 40% of consumers buy more from retailers who personalize their shopping experience across all marketing channels.

The data tells a clear story: when it comes to direct mail marketing, it pays to personalize. Raise engagement rates and boost ROI by making variable data printing a central part of your marketing strategy. Not sure where to start? Post Press Specialties is happy to help! Call us today at 816-257-1919.


Services Spotlight: Foil Stamping

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If you wanmetallic-platter-234726_1920t to attract more customers and keep them engaged longer, foil stamping might be the perfect solution. In a recent study conducted by The Foil & Specialty Effects Association, researchers found that virtually every type of printed piece can benefit from this versatile and cost effective finishing technique.

In their executive summary, the FSAE concluded that:

“There are clear advantages to foil stamping on packaging, in terms of attracting attention faster and retaining attention on packaging longer than identical packages without foil stamping.”

They went on to say:

“Overall, this pilot experiment clearly indicates that foil stamping on packaging provides real benefits concerning consumer attention on packaging.”

This is why many industries utilize foil stamping for their B2B marketing and packaging. Next time you are in a grocery story, take note of the many products that are using this technique. In marketing, first impressions are key, and a product marketed in a foil-stamped package may have a higher perceived quality and value than one in a standard package. In addition to increasing the perceived value, foil also draws attention, which can make a particular product stand out among a crowd of competition.

Consider the findings of Thales S. Teixeira in his white paper, The Rising Cost of Consumer Attention: Why You Should Care, and What You Can Do about It (Harvard Business School).

Teixeira concludes that:

 “Attention is a necessary ingredient for effective advertising. The market for consumer attention (or “eyeballs”) has become so competitive that attention can be regarded as a currency. The rising cost of this ingredient in the marketplace is causing marketers to waste money on costly attention sources or reduce their investment in promoting their brands. Instead, they should be thinking about how to “buy” cheaper attention and how to use it more effectively.”

Simply put, brands that are successful attract consumers and keep them engaged. Hot foil stamping is a cost effective way to achieve that goal. Over the last twenty-five years, Post Press Specialties has created stunning and effective pieces on a multitude of different stocks and substrates. Shiny gold, silver and other metallic foils are sure to grab attention in even the most crowded retail spaces. Foil stamping will not only help your product stand out, but it will also add a touch of elegance that will appeal to many consumers. We offer a wide selection of foil colors, finishes and effects from which to choose, to help individualize the style of your product packaging.

Over the last two and one half decades we have foil stamped business cards, booklet covers, pocket folders, stationery, holiday cards, invitations, labels, seals and postcards. Call one of the largest binderies in the Midwest, Post Press Specialties at 816-257-1919 and we’ll be happy to discuss your next project. We’ll help you finish what you’ve started.

Services Spotlight: Lamination

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If you’re looking for a way to increase shelf-life and durability of a marketing piece, lamination might be the perfect solution. Simply put, lamination is the process of enclosing a printed piece by applying a permanent transparent film (or plastic) to both sides.

Not only does the transparent film add strength, rigidity and protection it also enhances the appearance of the printing by deepening and brightening the ink colors.

In an effort to provide state-of-the-art finishing services to the commercial printing industry, Post Press Specialties just added an Autobond 76 TPE Laminator. In honor of our new arrival, let’s review some of the benefits and applications of lamination.

Here are just a few of the many benefits laminating provides:

  1. Durability – Lamination increases the durability of print materials, allowing them to withstand frequent use.
  2. Protection – Need protection against fingerprints, smudges, stains, spills, tears, wrinkles, marks or abrasions? Lamination is the perfect solution. Plastic enclosures also protect against oil, grease, dirt, moisture and other contaminants.
  3. Appearance – Proper lamination improves the appearance by enhancing the ink colors of the printed piece. This creates a more professional look and holds attention longer.
  4. Quality – Lamination gives the impression of higher quality and importance.
  5. Versatility – Our Autobond Laminator can laminate one-side, two-side or edge sealed. This state-of-the-art laminator can handle sheets as small as 9” x 12” all the way up to 29” x 41”. It can also accommodate any substrate between 80# text and 24 point.
  6. Cost effectiveness – Since lamination increases the longevity of print materials, it saves money on reprinting.

The applications for laminating are endless. Post Press Specialties have laminated thousands of different types of products and pieces such as:

  • Restaurant and Bar Menus
  • Price and Part Lists
  • Maps and Bookmarks
  • Educational and Training Materials
  • Membership Cards and Business Cards
  • Machinery Warnings
  • Maintenance Procedures
  • Operating and Safety Instructions
  • Signage and Rules
  • Reusable Hang Tags
  • Counter and Tabletop Displays
  • Sales Presentation Materials
  • Sell Sheets and Product Fact Sheets
  • Showroom and Trade Show Materials
  • Pocket Folders and Book Cover


if you have any additional questions about the benefits and uses of lamination, give one of the Midwest’s largest binderies, Post Press Specialties, a call at 816-257-1919. We provide print finishing services for short or long production runs. We’ve been “Finishing Strong” for over twenty-five years.

Sign, Sealed and Delivered: Our Mailing, Finishing and Fulfillment Services add true value to your project

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More than likely, your printing job requires much more than just the standard ink on paper. This is especially true of projects that ultimately will be mailed. That’s why Post Press Specialties is now offering complete mailing services. It’s just another way we’re servicing the commercial printing industry.

As a Bulk Mailing Agent, Post Press Specialties makes sending out your mail piece easy. We’ll do all the mail preparation required by the USPS so you don’t have to! We’re excited to offer:

• Mailing List Processing – We’ll take your list and input it into our system for easy processing.
• NCOA and CASS Certification – We’ll clean up bad and identify any potentially undeliverable addresses in your mailing list. No need to spend money mailing to bad addresses.
• Addressing – For just pennies a piece, we can ink-jet the destination address, return address and mailing indicia all at once using our new high-speed addressing machines. We’ve just added a M6 Hawk Variable Ink Jet Printer, the gold standard in the industry.
• Variable data – Customize your mail pieces with personalized greetings, offers or sequential numbering either during or instead of the addressing process.
• Tabbing and gluing – The latest technology makes it easier than ever to tab or seal folded brochure mailers.
• Camera Systems – Our new LogicTech DVMC System offers seamless read-and-print capability, Ability to read and decode 2D Datamatrix codes, OCR and even complete address blocks. Reading and matching barcodes has never been easier.

Rod Simmons, Mailing Supervisor

As a family-owned business, we know the importance of hiring qualified employees who share our customer-oriented sensibilities and ethics. We’re proud to introduce Rod Simmons as our new Mailing Supervisor. Rod has worked for a diverse range of organizations in the Kansas City area including Strahm Automation, Marketing Technologies and C&S Mailing Resources. Rod’s varied background in mailing, database management and graphic design provide the perfect complement to Post Press Specialties finishing services.

Still have questions on all your mailing options? Give us a call and we would be happy to assist in answering your direct mail questions or help quoting your next project. For over 25 years, Post Press Specialties have been offering state-of-the-art print enhancements to commercial printers throughout the Midwest and beyond. Give one of the largest binderies in the United States a call at 816-257-1919.

Services Spotlight: Saddle Stitching

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images-4Post Press Specialties offers a wide array of different binding options. We’re experts in perfect, wire-o, plastic coil, spiral wire and concealed binding. We’re also proficient in stitching applications such as loop and saddle stitching.

Of all the softcover book binding methods we offer, saddle stitching is one of the most popular. Saddle stitching is perfect for a variety of book types, such as: catalogs, manuals, booklets, programs, multi-page brochures, newsletters, periodicals, wall calendars and mailers.

Saddle Stitching is a relatively simple method that joins the folded pages and cover with at least two wire staples placed through the crease of the book’s spine. For over twenty-five years, we’ve been assisting commercial printers throughout the Midwest, helping them to produce professional looking documents.

Some of the benefits of saddle stitching are:

  1. Cost – Oftentimes, saddle stitching is the least expensive option.
  2. Turnaround Time – Usually saddle stitching takes less time than other binding methods.
  3. Small Quantities – It can be used for very short production runs.
  4. Size– saddle stitching can be used for a wide variety of sizes.
  5. Design – Designing a saddle stitch piece is generally very easy.
  6. Mailing – Saddle stitching will add minimal weight to a printed piece. This is especially important for pieces that will be mailed.
  7. Versatility – Saddle stitch projects can be printed in color or black and white.


Alas, saddle stitching does have some limitations. Keep in mind the following:

  1. Thickness – Depending on the weight and caliper of the paper stock, saddle stitching might not be a good option. Bulky books might be too thick to fold properly. Post Press Specialties will be happy to discuss any and all specifications.
  2. Spine – There is no room to print anything on the spine. This is a problem for certain projects.
  3. Power of Four – Saddle Stitched books are created from folded sheets, thus the page count must be in multiples of four.

If you have any questions about saddle stitching or any of our print enhancement and bindery services, please don’t hesitate to contact Post Press Specialties at 816-257-1919. Located in Missouri, we’ve been serving the commercial printing industry for a quarter century.



Make More Cents, By Using All Senses

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Kansas book binderies , bindery

Post Press Kansas commercial printing company and print finishing services.

In 1965, 3M became the first company to experiment with sensory enhanced printing. While developing microencapsulation for their carbonless paper products, the 3M engineers discovered that they could create a coating that would release an odor when scratched. The result was the advent of “scratch and sniff” technology and the birth of sensory branding.

Over the last fifty years, advertisers have tried to appeal to all five senses by incorporating sensory cues in their marketing. According to a research commissioned by Martin Lindstrom, brand consultant and author of Brand Sense – Build Powerful Brands through Touch, Taste, Smell, Sight, and Sound, media that appeal to multiple senses can increase brand impact and engagement by more than 70 percent.

Creating impactful printing that engages multiple senses poses a big challenge for marketing managers, especially those who have limited budgets. Thankfully, advances in print finishing techniques have driven down the cost of sensory print enhancements. Print is no longer static and strictly 2-dimensional. For twenty-five years, Post Press Specialties has helped commercial printers create pieces that engage multiple senses, especially touch.


See Me, Feel Me

A 2015 report from the Shullman Research Center, articulates the effect touch has on purchases. Forty-eight percent of respondents reported that they have bought a luxury product (priced at $1000 or more) based solely on touch.

“It’s fascinating to me that 17 million adults ranked touch as their No. 1 sense and virtually half of these consumers—48 percent—reported that they bought a luxury in the past 12 months. Touch-oriented consumers are the No. 1 purchasers of luxuries,” said Bob Shullman, head of Shullman Research Center. “This finding suggests to me that if a marketer is advertising a luxury that can be touched, the marketer should consider emphasizing the luxury’s touch-ability qualities in the advertising.”

Without a doubt, paper stock is important, but print enhancements that concentrate on touch can help ensure that a appleusppiece will be a success. We’ve become one of the Midwest’s largest binderies by offering a wide range of specialty printing techniques such as embossing, foil stamping, spot 3D varnishing, die cut and letterpress. Most of these enhancements can be applied to most paper stocks and substrates.

Call us today at 816-257-1919 and we’ll show you how to use print finishing techniques to you and your customer’s advantage. We love to show off our equipment, ask about our plant tours.

The reports of Direct Mail’s demise are greatly exaggerated

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If you’re a commercial printer, you’ve no doubt spent some time defending the merits of direct mail. You’ve probably heard things like: “Direct Mail is too expensive”, “Email marketing is so much cheaper” or “People throw junk mail away.” While it’s true that some advertising dollars have been moved out of direct mail, the industry is still relatively healthy. Recent research has indicated that direct mail spending nationwide should grow approximately 3% in 2017.


Direct mail is still one of the best options to get promotions and offers directly into the hands of consumers. This is especially true when compared to email marketing where the latest data suggests that over 98% of all emails go unread. With over 100 billion spam emails sent daily, we can understand why.


However not all direct mail is created equal. You need to do everything possible to ensure that your campaign is a success. At Post Press Specialties, we’ve added print enhancements to tens of thousands of direct mail pieces. Here are some of the things we’ve learned over the past twenty-five years that will make your next campaign a hit.



  1. Say “No” to the ordinary.


In order to get noticed, you have to have your piece stand out. If you’re sending your messages via a standard #10 envelope, STOP. Your piece will just blend in with the dozens of standard letters your prospect is already getting. One of the best ways to get noticed is producing an “odd sized” piece. You’ll have a much better chance if your piece is “unusual”.


Our Young Shin 57” Die-cutter is perfect for producing pieces that are extraordinarily different. We are always telling designers to “stop thinking in right angles”. Chances are, if you can imagine it, we can produce it. Call us at 816-257-1919 and we’ll be happy to show you some of the innovative projects we’ve collaborated on.


  1. Don’t scrimp, Quality is key.


stars-720213_1920It may be an old saying but it’s true: “You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression.” This is especially true with direct mail. If a prospect isn’t engaged with your piece in the first few seconds, chances are they will never will.


A study by MWV showed that consumers equate the “feel” of a sturdier mailer with a high-quality brand or offer. That perception can drive more consumers to read your message, respond to your offer and increase your campaign’s success.


Thinner, cheaper and flimsier stocks can negatively impact your results. Keep this in mind when choosing paper stock. Saving a little can cost you a lot in the long run.




  1. Enhancements, Enhancements, Enhancements


Make your piece impactful. Compel the reader to pick up and touch your piece. With our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, we can produce visually appealing pieces that command attention.


Adding print enhancements like metallic finishes, 3D effects and foil embossing will increase your chances of success. Not only do enhancements increase the likelihood your message will be heard, but they also convey an underlying tone of quality for your product and brand. Our MGI JetVarnish 3D spot UV coater is one of our most prized pieces of equipment. The 3D effect that the MGI can do is truly amazing.


  1. Use all five senses


head-1588413_1920Create a multisensory experience with your piece. Touching and feeling will create a connection between your product and the prospect. Adding tactile effects (like 3D effects) will create a visceral and emotional connection with the consumer.


We can create a wide variety of print enhancements that will engage the consumer. Enhancements breathe instant life into an otherwise mundane piece.

You will also be surprised on how cost effective enhancements can be.



  1. It’s Personal



Direct mail has to feel personal to drive action. Sure, it’s impractical to design a piece specifically for one person, but try to make each prospect feel special.


With variable print technology, we can show you how to tailor a piece for each prospect. Want to create a loyalty program and send personalized cards to each recipient? We can do that. Whether it’s small touches of personalization such as embossing a recipient’s name or full-on personalization through specialty kits, making direct mail personal and exclusive increases response rates and strengthens brand loyalty.





Direct mail isn’t dead. In fact, it’s beginning to grow again. A well-designed direct mail campaign can be successful in any industry. Using print enhancements will increase response rates and make your campaign a rousing success.



We’ve become one of the largest binderies in the Midwest by delivering innovative, creative print finishing services to the commercial printing industry for almost twenty-five years. Call Post Press Specialties at 816-257-1919 and we’ll be happy to discuss your next project.

Print Enhancements and Profitability

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A recently published study by The Print Industries Market Information and Research Organization (PRIMIR) looked at print finishing services and their perceived and implied value.

The study looked at 23 printing special effects, including glittergloss & mattescentsscratch-offglow-in-the dark, and textures printed with UV coatings and other specialty inks.

According to Hal Hinderliter who conducted the study, “Adding value to print is often touted as a way to improve the profitability of print service providers, but until now there has never been definitive research on the topic.” Hinderliter’s team surveyed 577 print service providers (PSPs), trade service providers (TSPs), print buyers, brand managers, and vendors through in-depth phone interviews.

Their findings are as follows (graphic courtesy of The Visual Media Alliance):



Post Press Specialties excels in offering the exact print finishing services that were deemed the most valuable. We’ve become one of the Midwest’s largest binderies by continuously reinvesting in our equipment and adding capacity. Here is just a small sampling of what we can do:

We have become one of the most respected binderies in the midwest by helping commercial printers maintain and increase profitability. Call us today at 816-257-1919 and we’ll be happy to help you with your next project, big or small.